Project Highlight

PSFB Runway Construction

CLIENT: US Space Force

Patrick Space Force Base

Beginning in the 1950s, Patrick SFB has been the administrative and operations base for the Eastern Range rocket testing facilities, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the Kennedy Space Center, and several aerospace and guided missile test units. Much of the operational management of the US Space Program has been conducted with or from Patrick SFB. The Delta, Atlas, and Saturn rocket series have all been at least partially developed, and launched, under units of Patrick SFB.

ADVON was selected to replace various concrete and asphalt pavement on the runway. Concrete pavement repair includes localized shallow depth patches for joint, corners, and crack spalls; localized full-depth patches for corner breaks; localized concrete crack routing and sealing; full depth slab replacement; and the global routing and sealing of existing concrete joints. Asphalt pavement repair includes localized routing and sealing of asphalt cracks; localized patching and edge repair; full depth replacement of select sections; and the global surface treatment or surface rehabilitation. Airfield marking replacement is also included in each component of pavement repair.

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